Thinking Like Your Editor

Written by the founders of the agency, this book offers invaluable advice for would-be authors and has been acclaimed by editors, published authors, and the media.

You may be an acknowledged expert in your area and have vital information and a great story to tell. But how can you ensure that your project will be accepted for publication and reach a broad audience? This book reveals the trade secrets of an editor/literary agent team with a long track record of success in helping many authors write serious nonfiction books that have become bestsellers and garnered great reviews, even major prizes. Thinking Like Your Editor offers the inside information you need to ensure that your book gets the attention it deserves.


Acclaim from publishing pros:

Laura N. Brown, president, Oxford University Press USA : “Unerringly accurate . . .The step-by-step advice on how to write a great proposal (and the book that follows) is invaluable.”

Gerald Howard, editorial director, Broadway Books: “No other book in print addresses the art and craft of writing serious nonfiction books — the kinds of books that change minds, enrich our intellectual lives, win major awards — with anything like the clarity of expression and depth of practical knowledge to be found here.”

Sara Bershtel, publisher, Metropolitan Books: “Beyond sharing myriad tricks of the trade, this smart, straight-talking, profoundly encouraging book actually succeeds in articulating what makes a good book and how to write one.”

George L. Gibson, president and publisher, Walker & Company: “[Rabiner’s] guide to succeeding with nonfiction is every bit as good as her submission letters: the best in the business.”

Praise from the media:

Publishers Weekly starred review: “Useful advice on every page.”

Columbia Journalism Review: “One of the most useful books ever for would-be authors.”

From acclaimed authors:

Juliet B. Schor, author of The Overworked American: “Likely to become the gold standard for anyone hoping to be successful in trade publishing.”

Herbert P. Bix, author of the Pulitzer prizewinner, Hirohito: “Destined to become the standard text for serious nonfiction writers for years to come.”