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MadnessThe Most Famous Man in America
Debby Applegate
Pulitzer Prize winner
Herbert Bix
Pulitzer Prize for Biography
The Bitter Road to Freedom
William Hitchcock
Finalist, Pulitzer Prize for Nonfiction
The Cruelest MilesThe Cruelest Miles
Gay and Laney Salisbury
Soon to be a major motion picture
Dykes to watch out forDykes to Watch Out For
Alison Bechdel
Author of the best seller Fun Home.
The Republican War on ScienceStorm World
Chris Mooney
David Lindley
SHOPPING FOR PORCUPINE Shopping for Porcupine
Seth Kantner
Whiting Award winning author of ORDINARY WOLVES

Cut TimeCut Time
Carlo Rotella
Whiting Award winner

Faster than the Speed of LightFaster than the Speed of Light
Joao Magueijo
Marya Hornbacher
Author of the bestseller Wasted.
The Golden RatioThe Golden Ratio
Mario Livio
MemoryThe Seven Sins of Memory
Daniel Schacter
The Two Income TrapThe Two Income Trap
Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi
Little Ice AgeThe Little Ice Age
Brian Fagan
Marriage: a HistoryMarriage: A History
Stephanie Coontz
The Chinese in AmericaThe Chinese in America
Iris Chang
A More Perfect Constitution
Larry J. Sabato
It's okay to be the BossIt’s Okay to Be the Boss
Bruce Tulgan
The Mind and the BrainThe Mind and the Brain
Jeffrey Schwartz and Sharon Begley
The Great Risk ShiftNudge
Richard H. Thaler and Cass Sunstein
Elsewhere U.S.AELSEWHERE USA,Dalton Conley,Author of HONKY